The Importance of Social Media Likes

It is just that one extra Like that has the potential to affect your mood and your life may be. There is nothing substantiate that proves that more of social media Likes is related to more acceptance. Likes are jarring and they are how people quantify as well as publically display their social worth.

Trace back to ancient times too. Humans have tried out various ways to demonstrate that they are Like socially and have a strong social standing. But researching on how to buy Facebook Likes is absolutely crazy. They have tried many things but nothing as pervasive as the social media likes. Just that click of the button has the potential to change a bad mood to good.

It has just taken a decade for the “Likes“ to become a commonplace across social media. But ever thought about what like exactly is? Why do you Like any post on Facebook or how do you feel when your post has been liked? Has this huge shift in the manner that interaction takes place caused a positive or a negative impact on you?

How many Likes are enough?

A survey done on the wide age group of teenagers to those in their sixties has shown that there are some who do not have any aspirations to get loads of Likes. The majority of them had very little expectation and it was just a minority of them who aimed for more than 1000 likes on their post.

A teenager says that the number of Likes is an indication of how his social standing is. And for those who have to battle and struggle with their self-esteem, the Likes are uplifting for them, or at times even depressing.

But one needs know that not all the Likes are important. There are some Likes that are valued more and some Likes are just taken for granted.

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